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23 Sep 2010

Tea (and coffee)

My obsession with tea (tai) continues in Cambodia although I'm having to learn to live without my Earl Grey and my massive mug. There are some bonuses to tea in Cambodia: there are different varieties of tea and sometimes it's free!!!

Free iced tea in the local 'haang bai' (rice shop)

Delicious lemon and lime iced tea from the haang kafe (coffee shop) near our language school where we spend our break times every morning.

Free Cambodian tea (sadly in very small glasses although you shouldn't complain about free tea...)

And when you just can't handle not having milk in your tea any longer, there's the not-so-local resturant down the road for a good old English cup of cha! (it is a charity run by buddhist monks to help street children in Kampong Cham get off the streets so I think it's only fair to support it)

PS. A note on coffee (from Sam)
While there's no such thing as a free coffee, the standard of what you get for $0.50 varies considerably from a large mug of nescafe gold blend to a small cafetiere with fresh milk.
One of the perils of ordering coffee is that the words for 'with milk' and 'on ice' are very similar so my first experience was a large iced coffee with milk (condensed, so no need to add sugar!).
The phrase that pays is 'Ca-Fe, Tuk Dos-Koh', literally coffee with water of cow's breast, mmmm!

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