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14 Oct 2010

Cambodian Cool

They call me Cool, Mr Cool

'Fashion' in the UK when I left was revolving around the Hackney Hipster look, which can be summarised as spending time, effort and money to look like a prat.  The video at the bottom of this post is an amusing summary of this trend and those who practice it - probably made by the very same type of people it seeks to mock.

When examining a change in your life it is often worth considering the push and pull factors that led to it happening.  Simply, these are the things that pushed you away from some previous way of life, but also those things about the new life which pulled you towards it.  While there weren't many push factors making me want to leave the UK, escaping the increasingly extreme and ubiquitous styles emerging from Broadway Market was certainly among them.

In light of this I was very happy to meet this guy today, rocking some styles that contrast pleasantly with Hackney's finest.  Please admire the co-ordination of tie and hat ribbon, also the sharp jacket and painted on goatee.  Pretty cool, eh?  When I asked if I could take a photo he nodded nonchalantly as though this was an all too familiar request and struck up this pose without any prompting.  What a dude!

(PS. Dan also reminded me of these similarly cool characters from the Congo, here and here.)

No facial hair, no problem...

Another popular style here which would put those in E8 to shame is the 'pyjama lady' look.  This consists of women of all ages donning two-piece pyjama suits in some very funky and childish patterns.  Those who are a little more adventurous can be found in outfits themed around cartoon characters, a bit like those that I used to get from C&A or BHS when I was about five or six years old.  This is a seriously popular form of day wear here and I have a small wager that Gilly will be bringing at least one pair home after the two years are up...

Cambodian Pyjama-Lady
Pyjama Party!

And that video for those who didn't know that being a d**khead's cool...

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