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30 Oct 2010

Our new Kratie home

On Saturday 23rd October we drove the four hours from Phnom Penh to Kratie to make the long awaited move into our new house.
Here's our mini-van which took me and Sam to Kratie and then carried on to Stung Treng with Jan, Thea and Ingran.

2 motorbikes, 2 push bikes and 5 peoples' luggage...

After spending all day cleaning and unpacking, we celebrated our first night in our very own house with some beer on our balcony.

And here's the inside of our house:

the living room

and again from a different angle

Our bedroom

Dining room


Bathroom (I knocked the shower tap off the wall so we now only have a bucket shower, oops!)

Spare bedroom 1

Spare bedroom 2

Visitors are very welcome although, as you can see, we haven't got any mattresses for our spare beds so do give us some warning! We're really happy with the house and think it's beautiful so can everyone please cross your fingers that the noise of our landlord cutting up ice with an electric saw every morning at 4am which last an hour stops really soon or else we'll have to move somewhere else which would be a real shame.

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