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5 Nov 2010

Friday Fun

Friday is my day off work so here's some things to help ease you into the weekend back home.

First up is Gilly's face yesterday when I brought home these two small boxes of cheese (one brie, on camembert).  They were given to me as a gift by my new english 'tutee', director of the local ministry of land, property and construction.  We got through them in two lunches and four baguettes...

Say Cheese

Products and brands can make us happy as we see above, but they can also make us laugh.  Here are some great examples from the shelves of Cambodia's not-so-supermarkets...

The ubiquitous My Boy, sweet milk for adding to coffee, and great for making fruit milkshakes ('Tuk Crow Lock' in the local language).

Forget Super Tennants, what you want is Klang.  The word literally means 'Strong' at at 6% it is a little more punchy than its rivals.  A bit like Ronseal it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Packet noodles make for an easy breakfast, especially when they're Good! I might start a rival brand simply called 'Better'.

Why bother establishing any credibility for your own brand when you can steal from someone else and hope that people don't notice the new spelling?  I must say that this blender is working well, although that is only after five fruit shakes.  Time will tell if it is up to the standards of its German cousin. 

This is our new fan, the manufacturers name gave me faith that it would be durable and keep us cool at night for the whole two years.  When I got it home I noticed that an extra 'Z' had appeared in the name, or did I miss that in the shop?

Look more familiar?  I think my first Walkman was made by them...

This is our current gas hob which is struggling to decide whether its reach spans just Cambodia or the whole world...

One for the dubious claims committee, does 2.5GB/s place Cambodia at the forefront of global broadband speeds?  My connection feels a lot slower than than that for sure! 

When I feel a little down I turn to our rice cooker for its kind words: "I think of you always and have a thousand things to say to you but they can all be summer up in a few heartleft words".  I can't decide if the Flowers Fancy brand and the "summer up" phrase are some clever play on words or not?  Probably not, I think "heartleft words" gives the game away as one of outrageous typos.

And if things get really bad I have: "When have problem remember me, I will always beside you".  Well, seeing as you said it so well I will never forget you dear rice cooker. 

Frog number two, see the first one here.

And in 'real' news we'll be saying goodbye to our latest web-footed friend next weekend when we move to our new home, we signed the contract this afternoon.  This means that we can now count the sleepless nights we have left which is a great relief.  Luckily I'm not teaching tomorrow so we can go back to sleep properly after the ice cutting ends at about 5am.  We then get another night off next Sunday morning as we'll be staying with a friend on our first out-of-town trip to a place called Stung Treng.  I am so excited about getting my sleep back it is hard to believe we will have endured the pain for three whole weeks when it ends.


  1. Good insight into contemporary branding issues in modern Cambodian hope all that stuff comes with warranties. Looking forward to hearing what your new place will be like but can't you bring your froggy friends with you ???

    Also I hope the cheese isn't a form of corrupution in exchange for good marks. :-)

  2. Frog smuggling in Kratie, I feel a major international scandal coming on which might end up with us and VSO in the dock. I guess it could be possible in a saucepan with some water and the lid on...

    On cheese and corruption I think it may have been a sweetener because I agreed to up his hours from two to three per week.

  3. Maybe you could launch a second brand of noodles, in the Tesco finest vein, called 'Best'? You'll make a killing.

  4. There's a a host of launches waiting to happen: Great; Top; Super. Oh no, we have that last one in the UK already!