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23 Nov 2010


Gilly has already written about our new house, but here's a little side plot which I was involved with as part of the move...

 We requested two hobs for cooking on before we moved in but the landlords opted for the cheap option of a pair of these little portable stoves.  We had moved a giant gas cylinder that we bought for the stove in the last house but this didn't fit our new pieces of equipment.

 So, it was off on the motorbike, to pick up these little butane canisters.  They were just 75cents a can so I decided to buy four, expecting four identical cans.  No such thing, this first one is called 'Maxsun', I felt round two of Cambodian brands coming on.

 Next up was 'Any Power', I sure hope so, you're supposed to be cooking my dinner!

 How much more Ronseal can you get than this?  'Fire On' does exactly what it says on the can.  There was another one but the name wasn't in English so I didn't bother to photograph it.

The problem with the little cans is that they run out after boiling two saucepans of water.  The huge gas cylinder that we'd bought at the start of our time here was still almost full and so we just needed to acquire a double hob that it could be fitted to.

Two days later the gods were looking down on me and my luck was in.  Just next to the egg stall in the market a Delboy-type outfit had set up shop touting hobs, kettles, non-stick frying pans and lots more.  It really did look like it has all fallen off the back of a lorry but the $25 price tag on a double hob was much lower than the $100 we had been quoted by a couple of locals.

I told them I wanted it but that the money was at home.  They said no problem they'd come to my house.  I thought this meant a delivery service but what it actually involved was me giving one of the boys from the stall a backie on my bicycle with him carrying the boxed up hob as we rode.  I also had a non-stick frying pan in the front basket - what a sight!

 The box says it all.

 Hours of cooking joy lie ahead.

I hope Gilly doesn't get jealous that there's another lovely in our kitchen...

I'm now officially a member of 'The Fashion Generation', I've always said so...

 PS. A good omen for our new house, these are the boxes we used for moving.  What was originally in them I don't know, is it shoestrings or frozen potatoes?

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