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10 Nov 2010

Our first Kmai Wedding

After only being in Kratie for a week, we were invited to our first Kmai wedding. It is wedding season after all! We decided that as it was our first wedding, a little effort should be put into our outfits. Us girls went shopping for outfits which was surprisingly quick considering how much bigger we are than all Kmai women. The wedding was on Sunday and we started off by having our make up done. I can honestly say I have never worn that much foundation in my life!

But I was loving the fake eyelashes...

We then squeezed into our outfits which were extremely bling bling and off we walked through the streets of Kratie causing quite a stir and lots of exclamations of 'sa-aat' (beautiful).

We felt a little bit famous.

After posing for our photo shoots by the river, we jumped into a tuk tuk with our moto helmets in case we needed them for later.

I don't think the helmets are spoiling the look, are they?

I was a little bit worried that our outfits were so extravagant that we might upstage the bride but I really didn't need to worry!

A picture with the bride.

There was a lot of yummy food, even more beer and lots of dancing at this wedding.

This is the live band that Sam ended up on stage with. Pictures of that to follow from Abi's camera!

Some fast dancing...

And some more traditional dancing.

Sam had a personal teacher for most of the night.

We were exhausted when we headed home (at 10pm!!!!) and I think it was one of my favourite events since arriving in Cambodia.
More pictures to follow.


  1. is that a carvat that Sam is wearing in the first picture, Gilly you look to Sam carvat or no carvat.

  2. Oh yes, I've been donning cravats since 2003, most memorably at our own wedding earlier this year...