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18 Nov 2010

Our New house (take 2)

Last Sunday after returning from Ingran's house party in Stung Treng feeling a little bleary eyed, we set out to move house yet again.

Here we go again...same things, different mode of transport. We were so happy all our stuff fitted onto one tuk tuk!

Our new house is, in fact, newly built so the wood is beautiful. We are lacking in a bit of furniture though.

Yes, you're right, we have the biggest living room in the world!

Here is our lovely balcony which we will start using as soon as we get some chairs for it.

By moving we have lost all the luxuries of our old house. We still have a sink but no running water so we have to fill up that white container from the bigger buckets in the bathroom with water to do the dishes.

Our sitting, flushing toilet has been replaced with a squatting toilet.

And we're back to bucket showers.

Our bedroom which Sam is currently asleep in (7.30pm) claiming to be ill...again!

We still have a spare room so visitors are always welcome. (A bed is supposed to be arriving soon!)

So all in all our move has left us feeling a lot more like proper volunteers and a lot less tired although sadly the electric saw has been replaced by an annoyingly stupid cockerel who lives next door and thinks 4.30am is when the sun comes up. It doesn't.

But we're not complaining and are looking forward to our weekend away in Ratanakiri as it's holiday time again. I love Cambodian Bank holidays.

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