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6 Dec 2010

Photo collection

Having been inspired by my friend Will (whose pictures of India you can see here) I have compiled some hopefully similarly funny and well-taken pictures of Cambodia!

A symbol of Cambodia

Children during break time

Across the river to Kratie Town

After the rains...

Another Kratie sunset!

Kratie's night life

Phnom Penh's first public toilet...and it is being shown the respect it deserves.

The storm's a -coming...

On the streets of Kampong Cham at night

Hammock Time!

Speeun Kizuna! (Bridge Kizuna)

Temples at dusk

The river traffic that we all love to watch.

You might think 3 on a motorbike looks a little squashed but not in Cambodia. There's plenty of room on that bike for at least 3 more family members and probably some big wooden shelves as well!

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  1. Thanks for the plug! Love Mr Toilet Public. x