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22 Dec 2010

Merry Christmas

 Christmas hat party, it's a 'tinsel teapot' and a wise (wo)man

A little message from us to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.  Since we have arrived here our sense of shame has declined significantly, but our familiarity with all things Cambodian has gone in the other way.  Here are a few of our 'favourites'.  (NB. We'd been planning this for a while when something similar popped up on Oly's blog, great minds...)

The 12 Days of Cambodian Christmas.
Merry Christmas!!!
(Video out-takes at the bottom of this post...)

12 hammocks swinging.  Currently we have only two at home though.

11 frogs a-grilling.  Not in our kitchen (yet!).

10 cans of Angkor.  Yes please!

9 monks a-texting.  So much for denouncing material possessions...

8 ice-men cutting.  Good riddance.

7 long siestas.  As expertly demonstrated by Sam...

6 bucket showers.  Per day when it gets really hot.
5 rambutans.  Among other exotic fruits.

4 foetus eggs.  We have vowed never to eat one of these.

3 red ants.  And biting ones at that.

2 Honda Dreams.  Cambodia's bike of choice.

No animals were hurt in the making of the above video, but some pride may have been dented...

Check out Sam's face at the end (and the still!)...

The 12 tongue-twisting days of Christmas...

Merry Christmas everyone!!!


  1. I *LOVE* this, how much have I missed your singing Gills ! And Sam...what can I say? I always knew you two were perfect together, and what more proof can we ask for?!!?

    Happy Christmas to you two too, I hope you enjoy yourselves, will be thinking of you

    Much love xxx

  2. Love it. You've actually got pretty good voices! Enjoy the heat.

    Merry Crimbo.

    Jude x

  3. wow! that really was special guys :)
    those foetus eggs look damn tasty!
    my fingers are so cold im finding it hard to type.... a very merry christmas to you both, have a wonderful time! lots of love xxxx Cath

  4. Gilly you still can't sing but it is a very cool Xmas E-video!

    Enjoy Christmas guy and speak at the weekend.


  5. aaahh! That's lovely and has cheered me up, thanks. Trust me - you're not missing much back here! Having just got back from Thailand it's a shock to the system - freezing cold, lots of pushy shoppers and lots of angry commuters trying to get home. Boo. I say enjoy the sun and have a wonderful Crimbo over there. Say hello to beautiful Cambodia from me and have an amazing first christmas together as mr and mrs! Very exciting! Lots of love Sian xxx

  6. Oh sweet ears!!!! Fantastic to see you having so much fun (less fantastic hearing you!). Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, all our love Nick and

  7. Sam has a voice like an angel. And Gilly... Merry Christmas.

    Just Kidding Gilly - well done, i hope to see another rendition this weekend.

  8. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    you guys are far too cute!
    Miss you huni buni's
    Big Love and a Very Merry Non snowy / Non Icey Christmas to you !!!
    xxx USH

  9. Leandra & André23 December 2010 at 10:46

    Did you say your sense of shame declined... who can say??? It was HILARIOUS, hahaha, especially the end of the first movie. I know that look from André too (which says: Oh no, you STUPID woman, what did you do now!!!), hahahaha.
    Have a wonderful Christmas, hope we can get together in 2011 to continue our great moments together!!!! Big hug...

  10. Merry Christmas Sam and Gilly. What an excellent idea to make a Christmas video for us all. Sadly, I was unable to watch the full video as I could not locate a pillow big enough behind which I could cringe! I struggled to watch it and I think Sam's attempts to sing properly were probably why. Gilly, you and Anika share singing voices so I am used to that ha ha. I will be sending your belated crimbo parcel after this message so enjoy it. I have just remembered that I have a Christmas note sat on the table while the parcel is already wrapped. Oh well. Enjoy the noteless parcel anyway. Have a wonderful Christmas and Fabulous New Year. Nelson