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18 Dec 2010

Wrapping Paper

 More from these two later...

Cambodia is a country full of surprises and the latest one for me was on a mission to Kratie market to find something to wrap Gilly's Christmas presents in.  My expectations were very low, to be honest I was planning on buying a newspaper and using that.

Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon the town's stationery queen, she even had sellotape!  After choosing some sheets for myself I called Gilly to ask if she wanted some but, more importantly, to rank on a scale of 1-3 exactly how cheesy she wanted to go.

She said '3' so here's what she got...

 Sheet 1: Dressing up a young girl as though it's her (Western) wedding day.

I'll zoom in on that for you to give the full impact.

And a little closer, note the faux sun in the top right corner.

 She looks a little confused about what expression she needs for this pose.

 Sheet 2: X-Factor eat your heart out!

This is what I call a boy band, a B.O.Y band in fact.

And not forgetting the girls, which one is Wonder Girl?

 Sheet 3: Random kids in very random clothes, with some fascinating after effects added in photoshop.

 Pyjama (and velcro trainers) party!

 Thumbs up for the sun! (What exactly are they standing/floating on?)

Check us out!  We're floating and posing in a fish bowl.

As I was writing I realised I hadn't done a close-up of the next one, how could I let you miss out on it:

What is with the half eaten apple, green devil and snake in the background?  The kids don't even seem to have noticed.

Sheet 4: 'Cute' babies

 Modesty preserved by a pink rose, I hope they removed the thorns from the stalk...


 For me, this is all about the kid's expression and the outfit selection, I think Gilly has the exact same hat, only a couple of sizes bigger...

 He lost the rose but fortunately this cloud was passing just as the photo was taken...

I'm running out of ideas, caption contest anyone?

Before we left to come to Cambodia both Dan and Grant told me to look out for import/export ideas while I was here.  I think I've found it guys, novelty Cambodian wrapping paper!

I can see a massive market for this in the UK, it's just a shame we're too late for Christmas this year.  You find out about how much you could sell this stuff for, per sheet, and I'll get some costings and transport quotes.

They do nice stuff too...

Sadly we're not getting to wrap any of the presents for people back home, you'll just have to miss out on tearing some of these treasures of your goodies, this year at least...


  1. Sheet 2 (x factor), 2nd from the right is our very own Paul.

  2. I vote sheet 4 nr. 1 for Paul. Isn't he cute....