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11 Jan 2011

Kratie's Sights and Delights

Welcome to beautiful Kratie!

This weekend was another Bank Holiday weekend so Paul, Ingran and Dave left their provinces and headed for Kratie which is sort of the half way point for all of us. It was the first time that we've all been together since our initial training so it was great to catch up. Me and Sam also really enjoyed being able to show off our lovely little town and had organised a fun packed day of activities on Saturday.

Sam, Ingran, Paul and Dave, at breakfast, enjoying their iced coffees with milk that actually arrived just the way they wanted them. (the words for ice and milk are very similar and ordering a coffee with both is tricky).

We began with a trip to the island, Koh Trong, where one of my schools is so I visit it quite often. We hired bikes and cycled round the island which is supposed to be about 9km. We stopped off for a swim in the river in a beautiful spot with white, sandy beaches.

Sam enjoying the river crossing and competing with the woman next to him to see who has the biggest hat.

Arriving on the island

A beautiful place for a swim

After arriving back on the mainland, we had a tuck krow lok (fruit shake) by the river which is something me and Sam spend a lot of time doing. The other day we took the backgammon board along as well. Oh yes, our Cambodian tournament has begun.

After the obligatory seista time over lunch, me, Paul, Dave and Ingran headed off on our motos to see the dolphins. I wasn't sure how impressed I would be as I'd heard that the dolphins are hard to spot and are quite shy, but I loved it. The sun was beginning to set and it was quiet and peaceful on the river (possibly not so peaceful for Ingran and Dave as I turned into a small high pitched child exclaiming 'oh, looooook' every few minutes as a dolphin appeared). The following pictures don't have any dolphins in them but that is because they are hard to photograph, not because we didn't see any.

Actually there's one, right next to the boat!

After seeing dolphins, we drove on a bit further and visited the rapids where you can have a picnic and swim. We opted for the swimming and it was my first splash in the Mekong (fully clothed of course, as is the Cambodian way, for women at least).

We're looking forward to visiting everyone else in their provinces soon and are already planning a road trip to Stung Treng in Feb.

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