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27 Jan 2011

A little bit broken...

On Tuesday, I woke up at 5.30am and got ready for my morning run along the river front. I was a bit more tired than usual as there was a wedding on our street the night before that went on until about 11pm (which is very late in Cambodia!) and they play music from these...

Yep, they are super loud!

I was pretty tired, it was still a little dark and the ground is very uneven in Kratie and I tripped and landed really hard on my left hand. It was unbelievably painful but luckily I was close to our house. My fingers were really bruised and started to swell quicky so we called Abi (a volunteer nurse in Kratie) and she said we needed to go to Phnom Penh as my finger (which was at a weird angle) was either broken or dislocated.

Here they are!

We took the quickest ride to PP in a taxi which was good in the sense that we got there quickly but bad in the sense that we nearly died about 5 times along the way as the driver was a lunatic! I had an x-ray which showed I had two broken fingers and off we went to see the doctor. He said I needed a cast in order to support both fingers and that my pinkie needed to be clicked back into place. Getting the cast on was fine but I insisted on a lot of painkillers for clicking back into place.

Poor little me! I'm making my self feel better by eating some Skittles my brother sent us...

I've got to have the cast on for 6 weeks which may seem longer to Sam than to me as he's going to have to do a lot of washing, cooking, going to the market etc. It's quite a heavy, bulky cast so doesn't allow much movement of my other fingers.

Despite the fact it is hugely annoying that I have broken my fingers (especially as the hot season is about to kick in), it could have been so much worse. As it is, it's my left hand so I can still type, write etc with my right which means I can go to work. And it's only my fingers, which is better then my arm or leg!

So actually I'm really lucky


  1. we'so sorry to hear about your fingers. I guess you were lucky it wasn't worse. Sam is going to have an interesting few weeks doing all the things you normally do. A supervisory role may be more to you liking. lol. Our building work is supposed to be starting in the next week or so. It should be intersting times for us ahead!

  2. Exercise is clearly bad for your health!

  3. yes whoever heard of getting up at 5.30 to go for run? I'm sure it'll do you good to have a few lie ins and get Sam running round for you! xxxjo

  4. Gilly!!!! You poor poor thing, but am impressed at how you can still look so happy ! You are amazing but please keep yourself safe !! xxx