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1 Jan 2011

Mountains and Temples

Just before Christmas, I did two very exciting things: I visited Mondulkiri (which means Meeting of Mountains) on a Study Visit; and I went to Siem Reap for the weekend which, of course, means Angkor Wat as well.

Jeltje, Me and Paul watching the sunset in Mondulkiri (note the scarves, it was freezing!)

I spent 5 days in Mondulkiri visiting Jeltje (also an Effective Teaching and Learning Advisor who has been here just over a year) and Paul (Community Advisor in Education who arrived with me in September). We visited three different schools, planned some new activities with a grade 1 (6 year olds) teacher who has a class of 60 children (!!) and had an Education Team Meeting. I found the whole experience really positive, motivating and inspiring. It was great to see where I could be in terms of work in a year's time and I especially enjoyed being part of an Education team of volunteers where you can exchange ideas, plan together and generally discuss the education system in Cambodia. I definitely feel that is something I miss in Kratie as I'm the only Education volunteer (although that will all change in Feb). I left with lots of ideas of how to progress from where I am now and renewed enthusiasm. Every time I visit a school, though, it makes me miss teaching a little bit more. I don't think I was quite prepared for how much a part of my life teaching is; I feel a litle lost without 'my class'.

A little school on an extremely windy hill...

An avacado

The long dusty, but beautiful road around Mondulkiri

Jeltje, Paul and Tak discussing the new well and allotment with the school Director

Me and Jeltje at a coffee plantation

Siem Reap

Another bank Holiday weekend in Cambodia, so what can you do but hit the road and see a bit more of the country.

On the way to Siem Reap, we visited these ancient temples just outside Kampong Thom.

The trees are taking over all the temples...

The story of the Ramayana (Rama and Sita: Diwali)

And now Angkor Wat. My camera ran out of battery about half way round so I didn't get the best photos in the world but here's a few to give you an idea of the impressiveness of the temples of Angkor. I especially loved the ones with trees growing all over them!

I only spent 1 day at the temples and there's loads more to see so will definitely need to go back...


  1. Ankor Wat looks amazing, can't wait to visit as well. What made you stop off at Kampong Thom? Did you and Sam need a toilet break?

  2. We were hoping to find Dave so were searching toilets across the province...

  3. where is Dave surely two weeks of English toilets should be enough for him?? you got some great photos in there Gilly and I am picking up facts about the regional situation which is always helpful