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12 Jan 2011


Next month, in Phnom Penh, TED comes to Cambodia.  For those unfamiliar with TED it is a speaker/conference programme with, in my opinion, some of the most fascinating and engaging speakers around.  There is a website which features video content, free of charge, of all the talks at their events and some of my personal favourites can be viewed at the end of this post.

The event in Phnom Penh comes under the banner of 'TEDx' which means it is independently organised and aimed at bringing the spirit of TED ('ideas worth spreading') to communities around the world.  The date is Saturday, 5th February and the event will be held at Northbridge International School Cambodia.  Here are details of the speakers.

Admission is free but you should enter the short (400-500 words) essay contest being run in conjunction with LIFT/Phnom Penh Post.  I have done so here and, for what it's worth, you can read my essay here.  If you have any queries about the essay contest, admission to the event, or anything else connected with it, then contact TEDxPhnom Penh via email:

Maybe see you there, now over to the videos to give you a sense of what TED is all about, featuring:
  • Jose Abreu on kids transformed by music, a heart-warming story, told beautifully, about the youth orchestra in Venezuela.
  • Hans Rosling on poverty, which uses graphic devices to tell the story of poverty in the world.
  • Sophal Ear on escaping the Khmer Rouge, worth remembering for TEDxPhnomPenh.
  • Ken Robinson on schools killing creativity, perhaps one of my favourites and certainly one of TED's most popular talks of all time.
  • Julian Assange on why the world needs WikiLeaks, filmed before the explosion of publicity at the end of last year but a great insight into the man and the project.
  • Dan Dennett on dangerous memes, for those who like a more philosophical talk to smoke a pipe to...
[Click the link to the original video if the chopped screen is problematic]
    Jose Abreu on kids transformed by music (original here)

    Hans Rosling on poverty (original here)

    Sophal Ear on escaping the Khmer Rouge (original here)

    Ken Robinson on schools killing creativity

    Julian Assange: why the world needs WikiLeaks (original here)

    Dan Dennett on dangerous memes (original here)
    TEDxPhnomPenh, coming soon...


    1. TED sounds sooo interesting and right to me, wonder why I've never heard of it before.
      Would like to come to the event and take part in the essay contest, but my excuse is, that I am going to have my best friend from germany here at that time.
      Lovely blog you have Gilly and Sam! Enjoying reading it a lot! x k

    2. Thanks Katja, if I get a ticket then I will make sure I publish a brief review here to share the experience with everyone.