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16 Feb 2011

And so it goes on...

Just to keep you all posted on my hand saga, here's a very short post. I came down to Phnom Penh on Tuesday to get my extremely large and heavy cast changed. I was assuming this would be a quick and easy job, in and out of PP and back home for Wednesday night. But no, the cast was removed to show that my pinkie was no straighter than when it was first broken and dislocated (despite already being pulled back into place once) and the doctor informed me that I would need to have it put back into place quickly to avoid losing any movement in my finger.

After consulting with VSO here and the Medical Unit in the UK, it was decided that I would need to go to Bangkok so we're flying tomorrow morning and I have an appointment with the hospital at 4pm that day to probably get a pin put in it. I may never run again after the problems this is causing. I'll probably have to have another 6 weeks in plaster as well.

Luckily I have Sam who is lovely and wonderful and is going to come with me to Bangkok and hold my (other) hand! More news to follow when I'm back after the weekend.


  1. Oh Fish!!!! You poor thing. Thinking of you as always, and hope that tomorrow's app is as straightforward as possible. Big thanks to Big Sam for looking after you.
    Am about to email...
    A xxxxxxxx

  2. Same thing than Amy...
    I hope your finder will recover quickly !
    And Come back soon :)

  3. good man Sam taking the wedding vows seriously in sickness and health ......

    Hope you start to mend soon Gilly

  4. Operation set for tomorrow evening, 8pm. Fingers crossed (no pun intended).

  5. Hope the operation went well and that you're feeling better. xxxx