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20 Mar 2011

Holidays and Hands

It seems like quite a long time since I've written a post so there must be quite a lot to catch up on. I did finally make it back to Cambodia and spent a lovely 2 weeks being spoilt by my parents. It was a slightly different holiday than they were expecting as I was still quite ill and spent a lot of time sleeping, being depressed and moody and complaining about feeling sick all day. However as they love me, they didn't complain and by week 2 I was more or less back to my normal self. I spent quite a lot of time at the hotel as I didn't want to move around too much. Luckily, the hotel was amazing! After a brief visit to Kratie we headed to Kep in the south of Cambodia and stayed there doing little day trips to nearby sights. Here's a description of our holiday in photos.

At our favourite noodle lady's restaurant on the river in Kratie.

On Day 1 I got bitten by ants (we think) while I was sleeping.

This was the result!!!

Everyone in Cambodia is very sympathetic about my current situation and I never manage to get very far without concerned tuk tuk drivers or old ladies asking me what happened and then describing their own injuries in great detail in Kmai! The conclusion is always the same: apparently I should have gone to a traditional Kmai doctor and wouldn't be having all these problems. Obviously my eye situation didn't help and I looked like I'd recently recovered from a horrific accident.

The Pool....which I managed to swim in while holding my hand out of the water (see picture below).

In the sea...(it was actually very shallow and I'm basically sitting down!)

The view from the restaurant of our hotel.

Exploring some caves....

On the way to Rabbit Island.

Rabbit Island

My Dad's lunch!

Kep beach

Our tuk tuk driver soon realised about my Dad's obsession with animals and was soon stopping in the best places so my dad could take pictures.

Kampot salt being made.... Kampot is famous for salt and pepper

The biggest gecko in the world and it was in my room!!!!!!

My parents' last night. A French restaurant in Phnom Penh and the best steak, chips and red wine me and Sam have ever tasted (well in 7 months at least).

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for ........
I have just been to Bangkok for a check up which did not go all that well as 4 out of the 6 pins were infected so had to be removed early which was fairly unpleasent. I'm back on antibiotics and am not sure what happens next so will fill you in another time. But I do now have pictures. They're pretty disgusting so get ready!


  1. Oh Gilly you poor thing! What you all have to go through just because you wanted to have a little run around the block.
    I hope no more complications!!! Get better soon!

  2. Hi Gilly,
    Great to catch up with what you've been up to! Shame about the hand though...hope it all recovers soon!

    Gareth and I keeping well in Ethiopia!
    Lots of love, D xxx