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15 Jun 2011


A few weeks ago we started noticing small bites being taken out of our bananas every night.  We assumed it was the big gecko that has taken up residence in our kitchen and weren't too worried as he also takes out a lot of unsavoury insects, namely mosquitoes.

One night we thought we'd try to protect the bananas by covering the top of the basket we keep them in.  Our theory about the gecko seemed misinformed when we woke up to find that one whole patch of the basket had been gnawed through and another chunk taken out of another banana.

Entrance/escape route

We then became even more worried when we came back from being away for the weekend to find a huge hole eaten into our mosquito net.  In our bedroom!

The final straw was on Monday night this week when Gilly was in Bangkok and I was home alone.  I had drifted off into a great sleep when I was woken up by something biting on my finger.  It gave me a huge shock, even more so when I heard something scurrying across the floor of our bedroom.

Luckily it didn't draw blood but it could only be one thing, a rat!  (Or possibly a mouse...)

Fellow volunteer Zac had tackled a similar problem in his house last year so it was off to the market to get some sticky glue and lay a cunning banana-laden trap for our new friend.  One trap, one night, and one wriggling rodent to show for it in the morning.  That'll teach him to interfere with Sam's sacred sleep!

Meet your mousey maker!

[Only one mouse was harmed in the writing of this blog.  It has now been put firmly out of its misery.]


  1. Enough with the disgusting pictures of rats on sticky paper in Kratie please! x

  2. It's a warning for any rodents browsing the internet. How would they do that you might ask. With a mouse, of course!

  3. Ah poor little mouse knew you were alone and wanted to keep you company

  4. He can keep some other poor sod company in mousey heaven for all I care!