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26 Aug 2011

My work in pictures

Over the last few months, I've been quite busy on and off with lesson observations, making resources and various workshops.

The new library shelves in one of my schools using wood donated by the community. Me and the School Director who always gives us snacks whenever we visit.

A grade 1 teacher demonstrates some child friendly teaching using his new resources

Grade 1 children matching letters and pictures in groups

Introducing the Library Management Training session with the Deputy Director of the Kratie District Office. I'm getting used to having to do this on the spur of the moment now and it's a lot less scary than it used to be.

Learning how to organise the library books

and how to decorate the library

Grades 2 and 6 helping us by colouring in game boards to use as teaching resources for group work in 5 schools

Then the teachers made their own

And thought about how they would use them in their lessons

Then they made plastic pocket charts to help make their lessons more interesting

Things have slowed down quite a lot at the moment as the schools are closed but I'm looking forward to October when I can start visiting the schools again.

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