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11 Sep 2011

Birthday Fun!

After over a month of being in seperate countries, it is lovely to have Sam home again and to be able to spend his birthday together.

We celebrated with a dinner of pancakes and wine on the day and then a hat party at the weekend!

Sam was less than happy to be greeted by this friendly spider in our bathroom on his return. As the white pouch is possibly full of babies, Sam convinced me to put it outside yesterday.

Happy Birthday Sam!

We splashed out on some red wine which I haven't had for months...

Sam enjoyed it too!

On Saturday night we had a party and managed to convince everyone to wear a hat.
Sam tries to pull off gangster cool....

Though I think my hat has more bling!

We played pass the parcel

but with dares

and dancing

Virack won best hat prize with his homemade, colourful hat

Our landlord's daughter

Pretty in pink

Zac's hat made from 100 Riel notes

Guessing Sam's age in various pictures

Enjoying some rum at the end of the night

For his present, I asked our local signwriter to make him a sign in Khmer of the four compassions in Buddhism which roughly translate as: empathy; loving kindness; the feeling you get when you see the reduction in suffering of others; and equanimity.


  1. belated happy birthday Sam.
    Wise move... putting the spider outside!

  2. Thanks Danny, maybe spiders outside is a Virgo thing...