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15 Sep 2011

Mud, mud and more mud

Last week we had a workshop to introduce some new resources into grade 1. It lasted four days and went really well with lots of participation and laughter which is always good.

The workshop started on a Tuesday which is the day to wear purple. Me and Soknan, my counter part from the POE who lead the workshop.

The Grade 1 teachers and school directors practised using the new resources of books, posters and sequencing cards.

There was time for a few games to keep everyone's concentration levels up and some role play:

A group picture on the last day

Yesterday, I visited one of my schools to deliver resources from the workshop last week. The normal road that we take looked like this:

So we had to go the long way round past another of my schools on a not particularly good road. The school director came to meet us on a push bike as he lives along the flooded road and needed to use a boat to get from his house to dry land with his bike.

Today, we had to go to the other school that we passed yesterday on the not very good road. Yesterday it had been quite bad but over night two things had happened: someone had put down a lot of soil onto the road persumably to fill potholes; and it had rained a lot. The result was this:

A whole lot of mud

Lots of other motos were also using this road but a lot of people on the back kept having to walk. On the way going to the school, I got off to walk at this particular bit but on the way back I decided to stay on. This was a bad idea. Recently I've been thinking a lot about riding side saddle and whether it is actually all that safe. While maneuvering through all this mud, we fell off the bike (my first fall off the moto and I wasn't driving, I'd just like to say). Luckily as I was riding side saddle, as the bike fell I did an elegant jump and landed on both feet. However, nothing else was very elegant. My feet sunk into the road and I was quite literally stuck in the mud. I managed to squeltch my way to the side of the road by dragging my feet through the layers of mud to where a man and his son were watching the commotion. I was happy to add to their days entertainment as they let me wash my feet in their rain bucket and they were more than happy to spend a few minutes to enlighten us on how we should have driven on that road.

There is a very good reason why schools are closed during the rainy season!

1 comment:

  1. Great workshop, well done!
    I agree side saddle is best (at slow speeds) - remember my post about the two girls jumping off the scooter in PP! - best if you can do it and retain your dignity though.