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20 Nov 2011

Heroes in a Half Shell

 Cantor's soft shell turtle at about two years old

When Gilly's parents were here we took the opportunity to visit the recently opened Mekong Tutle Conservation Centre, about an hour and a half by motorbike from our house.  It was a great experience, not least because we got to get to grips with many of the turtles they're working to protect.

 Gilly's Mum with a little one.

Gilly feels the weight of this big one 

He looks on sceptically as he's passed to me. 

Who is this chump? 

Happy days. 

There was lots of information about the various turtles that live in the Mekong and other parts of Cambodia. It seems a bit rude to call an innocent turtle a big head but that's what's happened!

He is cute!

For those who got the 1980s cartoon reference in the title of this post, here is the song in full (link here with lyrics):

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