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27 Jan 2012

Sparkles and Puppets

Two weeks ago Kratie had its Provincial Education Congress Meeting which lasted for two days. It's very ceremonial so everyone wears traditional dress and there are lots of speeches (during one I even got a shout out!) and some medal giving at the end. I didn't get a medal though :-(

Here's my outfit - very sparkly

This is Sokchea, who works in my office, getting her medal. The man with her is the deputy governor of Kratie Province who I was teaching English to a few months ago. During his speech he pointed to me and said "There's Gilly. She's my teacher"!

My boss also got a medal.

This week I did a workshop about using puppets for the grade 1 teachers in Kratie town.

One of the teachers I work with sharing her experience of using the puppet

Generally the teachers seemed pretty happy to have a go. The rabbit puppet was particularly popular.

I also observed some lessons where the teachers are trying out some new reading resources and group activities.

Grade 2 children enjoying their story. I even got to model a lesson this week for grade 1 which was extremely exciting though it did remind me how much I miss teaching (as well as that I can still do it, phew...)

And last but not least, a beautiful Kratie sunset. I'm about to go and enjoy a beer and watch another one by the river!

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