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23 May 2012

The big trip back home

Me and Sam have been on a bit of a journey this last month visiting England for the first time together. It was also my first time home in 18 months and I have to say there is no feeling like it. I cried when I arrived at Heathrow; I think the excitement and anticipation was too much for me. I wanted to do a big blog post all about how amazing it was to sample all the delights that London has to offer. This mainly revolved around food, friends and family.  However, I'm finding it hard to suitably sum up all that happened in the 4 weeks that we were away. So, instead here some pictures of the highlights.

Here I am enjoying some cakes at a three course cream tea treat!  I'm slightly ashamed to say that I put on a whole stone in those four weeks (that's about 6 kgs). Impressive, I know. 

Being wined and dined with my family in London

Totally worth the crazy journey to Jamaica to spend time with my sister and nieces

I got to meet this little cutie for the first time

On the beach in Gambia

Celebrating being in Gambia together

Me and Sam showing off our brave sides

Sam is looking decidedly more relaxed than me considering he squeals like a baby when he sees a spider!

Though I think my brother and Dad win the prize for still looking cool in your 
shades while holding a snake ....
Sarkis's wedding....the reason we went to Gambia

All dressed up for the wedding
We even made some time to visit the VSO office in Gambia where Sam admired 
their hand-painted sign!

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