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5 Jun 2012

Take 2: Our Appearance on National TV

Following this post by Gilly our moment has finally come.  This four minute trailer extolling the virtues of Kratie province is currently being broadcast on all of Cambodia's main national TV stations.  In fact, we knew it had been completed last week when one of Gilly's colleagues came into her office to say she'd seen Gilly on TV the night before.

The song was specially commissioned for the film and runs through many of the province's tourist attractions.  For those who can read Khmer there are synchronised text lyrics for your karaoke pleasure.

I think it's fair to say that we are the stars of the film as we seem to appear more than anyone else.  This may be because we responded best to the director's shouts of "happy, happy everyone!".  I can't decide on which scene I like best, what's your vote?


  1. Dear Gilly and Sam
    Great video I liked the finger lickinn sticky rice bit myself followed a close second by the Dolphins
    Am returning to Cambodia in September so hope to pay a return visit to Kratie
    Keep well
    Lots of love

  2. It's true Sam,
    Your team are the film stars, nice one :)