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1 Jul 2012

We made the Phnom Penh Post

Following our appearance on national TV we have now appeared in the lifestyle supplement of one of Cambodia's two English language newspapers, the Phnom Penh Post.  I didn't actually get interviewed so please hold fire with any piss taking about the quotes in the article.  I was a bit sweaty but I think that the 'wet t-shirt' description is taking things a bit far, sounds like some kind of spring break debauchery was taking place when we were just planting some trees!

(Click image below for full size.  Online article available here.)


  1. Well done guys! 1st tell and now newspapers. You're slowly taking over Cambodia, one medium at time. So Glad the tourism promotion is going so well. You might want to get a part time job at the post and fix all their cloudy typos and the robot like quotes.

    1. Yes, I think that we'd have our own evening talk show if we could just improve the Khmer a bit...